Hello! My name is Stephanie, the creator of Birth Is Beautiful, empowering women to love the birth process!

I knew I was going to create this before I even got pregnant and had a beautiful water home birth. I am passionate about helping other women take the fear out of birth and remembering the POWER in all of us. I was terrified of birth until I was 29 years old. I took away my fear and replaced it with excitement and ended up having a peaceful birth and a passion to help others do the same!

Did you notice the lotus in the logo? The pregnant woman is holding a lotus. This represents my vision for Birth Is Beautiful. A lotus is a prominent flower in many cultures and religions. Its roots are based in mud, and it submerges every night into murky river water, and—undeterred by its dirty environment—it miraculously re-blooms the next morning without residue on its petals. The bud of the lotus is beautiful, you’d never know it just came out of the muck. I think all women are lotus’. We have this all-knowing that birth is natural and beautiful and what our bodies are built to do, and the muck is, “birth is terrifying”, “birth is painful”, “you’ll tear”, “you might be traumatized, but your baby is healthy so get over it”, “your sex life will be ruined”, etc. We need to be like the lotus, rising up through the murky waters and remembering that we are POWERFUL and CAN have a beautiful birth, no matter how mucky the water is. I want to share with you my knowledge, my experiences, others’ experiences, and help YOU have a BEAUTIFUL BIRTH!

How BIB Can Help You


Here you can find podcasts with tons of great information and positive birth stories, to empower and inspire you that birth truly is beautiful!

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Read blog posts filled with great information and positive birth stories! These will help you feel confident for your own birth! Stories of my own and others.

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Gain access to e-books loaded with knowledge bombs and must have essentials to rock your birth! Things that with help from pregnancy through postpartum!

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Recipes to help you feel great pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and postpartum! These are plant-based, gluten free and soy free, simple and inexpensive!

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Words From Friends


I have the pleasure of knowing Steph personally and her desire to make a difference in people's lives is something special. While I may not have immediate plans for pregnancy, Steph is that constant reminder that when the time comes, it doesn't have to be a scary experience. She speaks from actual experiences in her life and isn't afraid to talk about the process of how she got to be who she is today. She is so easy to talk to and I could listen to her talk about her birth story all day! She is a role model and I am grateful to know her. Empowered women empower women!


I recently was talking to Steph about the whole birthing process... I’m only a teenager, but from everything I have seen in movies and read on the internet, I can say that the whole process seems terrifying to me and all of my friends!!! It is portrayed as a negative experience a lot of the time, but she has completely changed my view on it. I slowly am able to see that pregnancy can be beautiful and so can giving birth!


I have always wanted to be a mother. Not to be cheesy, but it truly feels like my absolute calling in life. Not only to be a mother but to physically carry a child. Pregnancy fascinates me. I truly believe it is the most amazing thing my body is capable of and the closest i will ever get to a higher power. My husband and I have started to try to conceive recently. And boy did fear creep in. Everything around me and inside of me was telling me that I would struggle to get pregnant. Family, friends, social media, my own mind. The fear was debilitating. Doctors assumed there was something wrong with me since I was not getting pregnant right away. They put me on medication and they had me take all kinds of tests and ultrasounds. This made me more scared and more depressed, more sure I was going to struggle. Then Steph reached out to me. Told me that my mind is more powerful than my body. That my baby will come to me in the perfect timing with ease. She spoke openly and honestly about her journey. She was feel of joy and hope. I started reciting her mantras to myself and they became my own. My fear turned to hopeful and expectant LOVE. Love for myself. Love for this process. Love for my future babies. Love for my husband. My mindset was completely changed. I’m not going to try to make a baby. I’m going to make beautiful love. A baby will come from that. I just know it. And. After all that. I was cleared medically as totally ready and perfectly fine to create and carry children. Birth is Beautiful turned my attitude around. And I cannot wait to utilize all the resources here while trying to conceive and when I do get pregnant. I know that day is coming:)

Dive in!

I'd love to help you through all the stages of the birth process to have the most MAGICAL experience!

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